Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tips and Money Saving Ideas

I have created this blog to help you around the house, with your car and basically anything you need help with. A little bit about me:
I apprenticed with my grandfather since the age of 5! My grandfather was a master carpenter and I grew up around his woodshop, building things out of wood blocks my grandfather had laying around, I quickly learned to love woodworking.
At the same time, I was working with my father who was a plumber at the time. Yes, I said working! I used to go with him after school everyday and help him with his plumbing jobs.
As I grew up, I began to appreciate all the things I had learned from childhood: plumbing, woodworking, light electrical jobs and light construction jobs. All this experience has molded me into an all around handyman!
I can install tile, wood floors, fix a leaky faucet, install a new dishwasher, fix a washer or dryer, install a new patio roof, build a ramp, build a new closet for you or anything that comes to your mind as a project!
I have excellent references that are past and current satisfied customers!
Contact me today with your project and see what I can do to turn your project into a reality.
Sergio Martinez
214 385 1354

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